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from what i read on the felv.org website- folks have had felv+ kitties living comingled w/ their other cats with no advers affects on their felv- cats. i also had 1 felv+ and 1 fiv+ in the same household w/ my other 3 healthy cats. Though my felv+ kitty showed signs about 1 year after Dx, none of my other cats ever got sick and in fact my Tuxie exposed to both kitties lived to 18. While I understand you would rather err on the side of caution, I just want folks to be aware that it is not that easily transmitted, obviously, because my cxats ate, drank 7 slept together. I understood that the disease could be transmitted via saliva,thru a bite, but
apparently eating from the same dish is not a death sentence.


Where are you located at ? I have an FIV and Felv cat that I need to find a home for. He has been in seclusion in my bathroom for oh at least 2 months now... Although he is doing very well and is extremely affectionate, this is not the life I want for me and I am moving in July.

Please contact me if you can help

House of Dreams

House of Dreams does not have facilities for FIV cats.

You can find a complete list of area resources here:

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